by MAD Aerospace Corp.

The Twin-X6 is a new design for a 6-seats twin-engine aircraft, optionally amphibious, that seeks to be the perfect integration of form and function. Its sleek and modern lines bring both distinction and prestige; an appropriate signature to outline the unpreceded performance for an amphibious aircraft of its category.

Its patented design is the first in the world to adopt this configuration. It allows the Twin-X6 a versatile rearrangement capability to adapt itself to multiple missions. Whether for private flight, business trip, medical transport, coastal surveillance or cargo transport, the Twin-X6 shall accomplish its mission better than others, safely and rapidly.

Designed from your dreams

The unique patented design of the Twin-X6 aircraft is the result of a methodology called "Design Thinking". This approach places the end-users at the center of the design process. Our design evolved through iterations, with series of interviews, brainstormings, sketches, prototypes, full scale mock-ups and trials with potential clients. We asked our clients to make the tough choices and drive the design decisions to guide our engineers in the right direction.

MAD Aerospace Corp. has been developing the Twin-X6 since 2011 in total secrecy. Today, we are proud to present you the aircraft that you asked for.



Maximum speed (sea level)
Cruise speed - 75% (8,000 ft)
Economy cruise - 55% (8,000 ft)
Rate of climb
Stall speed (full flaps)
Takeoff distance - Land/Water
50ft obstacle - Land/Water
Landing distance - Land/Water
50ft obstacle - Land/Water
Maximum range
180 kts
171 kts
153 kts
1500 ft/min
60 kts
880/1050 ft
1350/1600 ft
750/650 ft
1280/1180 ft
1580 nm


Seating capacity
Empty Weight
Maximum Takeoff Weight
Useful load
Full fuel payload
Luggage weight - Tail
Luggage weight - Nose
Cargo space - Tail
Cargo space - Nose
Cargo space - Cabin
6 seats
4250 lb
6250 lb
2000 lb
800 lb
300 lb
100 lb
32 cu.ft
10 cu.ft
75 cu.ft

Fuel & Powerplant

Engine type
Maximum Power
Consumption (P=55%)
Engine control
Main fuel tanks
Long range tanks
Fuel types
Fuel system
2x Mistral G300
Rotary (Wankel)
600 HP
26.7 Gal/hr
Liquid cooling
162 Gal
38 Gal
100LL, MoGas
Fully redundant

Range Maps

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The TWIN-X6 Aircraft