Mission statement

Create and produce the finest aircraft for the future through a perfect balance of technology, design and economics.

MAD Aerospace Corp. is a new aircraft company located in Shefford, Quebec, Canada. Although the company was only created in 2017, the MAD Aerospace team has secretly been working on the Twin-X6 aircraft since 2011, using only private funding, without any form of public visibility.

In fact, it was a strategic decision to keep the Twin-X6 project a secret for as long as possible in order to enter the market with a robust, technically well-thought design. The competitors did not know we were coming...

The Twin-X6 aircraft design is very advanced : the US patent for the design is pending and the PCT application will soon be submitted. Several major suppliers have already been selected, full-size mock-ups were built with real leather seats and professional pilots are already at work improving the ergonomics of the instrument panel.

The MAD Aerospace corporation has a strong, detailed business plan with a unique proprietary aircraft design. As the project becomes publicly disclosed, the company is looking forward to engage discussions with serious investors.

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The promoters

Mr. Antoine Moreau, M.Sc.


Mr. Antoine Moreau, M.Sc.


Antoine Moreau is an aircraft conceptual designer with 15 years of experience; a former member of Bombardier Aerospace’s “Advanced Aerodynamics” and “Advanced Design” teams. He is an experienced entrepreneur and co-founder of a specialized medical-aesthetic clinic; a successful concept that is being franchised.

Throughout his still young career, he participated in the design of 8 different novel aircraft projects. He also worked for Pratt & Whitney, GE Aviation and AeroNautic Development Corp. on the certification of the Seawind 300C aircraft.

Mr. Moreau started his aerospace career at 17 as a simple aircraft manufacturing technician before heading for his engineering degree at ETS where he completed a Master’s degree in aerodynamics. He also has a Master’s degree in transport vehicle design from UQAM and he is a private pilot.

Mr. Marc-Arthur de Grosbois


Mr. Marc-Arthur de Grosbois


Marc-Arthur de Grosbois is an aerostructure composite engineer and a computer-aided design expert with over 15 years of experience in aerospace; a former employee of Bombardier Aerospace "Core Engineering" department responsible for developing the new composite design and manufacturing technologies for the next generation business jet. He is an aviation enthusiast and a gentleman who's passion is to conceive fixed-wing flying shapes on CATIA.

During his aerotechnical and University years, MAD made his mark enrolling in the SAE Aerodesign competition for five straight years, being part of a team that won multiple awards for innovative and performing aircraft designs. He also worked for Bell Helicopter on the 429 model and at Messier-Dowty on Airbus 320/340/380 landing gears manufacturing.

Mr. Jean-Charles Saint-Marc

Director, Finance & Strategy

Mr. Jean-Charles Saint-Marc


Jean-Charles Saint-Marc is an engineering professional and the recipient of a Master in Business and Administration (MBA) of the prestigious London Business School.  After completing his degree in aerospace engineering at the Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées (IPSA) in France, he immigrated to Canada in 2007 to complete a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Université Laval in Quebec.

Throughout his 15 years of career, he most notably worked as a stress engineer dedicated to aerospace composite structures at Bombardier Aerospace for an advanced aircraft technological demonstrator development program.  Mr. St-Marc is now appointed as the director, financial & strategy for the MAD Aerospace Corporation.

Mr. Bob Katz

President, Katz Design

Mr. Bob Katz


Katz Design’s mission specific team will be supporting the design and development of the Twin-X6 aircraft.

Bob and his partner Sylvain Duchesne bring over 25 years of experience in multiple aspects of general aviation, along with over 30 years of innovative industrial design product launches.

Bob also sits on the Innovation Committee of Aero Montreal and he is a private pilot with over 20 years of flying experience.

Mr. Sylvain Duchesne

VP Design Director, Katz Design

Mr. Sylvain Duchesne


Company Information

  • OFFICIAL LEGAL NAME : MAD Aerospace Corp.
  • LEGAL CONSTITUTION : Canadian Incorporation
  • TWIN-X6 US PATENT NUMBER : US 62/602,973