What's next?

The next major milestone for MAD Aerospace is to complete the design and manufacturing of a full size presentation mock-up for spring 2019, with an impeccable interior trim and full glass cockpit. Meanwhile, the engineers will be working on the final structural design and systems design in order to have a flying prototype in 2021.

The full size mock-up of the TWIN-X6 will be revealed at the 2019 International Paris Air Show "Le Bourget" in June, and at the 2019 "EAA AirVenture" in Oshkosh, USA, in July, during which we will be taking pre-orders with deposits to fill our order book.

Presentation mock-up

First round of funding

Objective : 10 million dollars by the end of 2018

MAD Aerospace is opening a first round of funding to raise 10 million dollars. We are looking for accredited private investors, venture capitalists and experienced angel investors who share our passion for flying and who are conscious of the long-term basis of the aerospace industry. To obtain a full copy of our business plan, contact us using the form below.

Business plan previews

Chinese investors

Mr. Louis-Paul Brisebois is MAD Aerospace's official representative in China. Our organization understands the need to establish strong relationships with China. Mr. Brisebois is a former professional hockey player who has been doing business in China for over 20 years as a Senior Representative for various companies. At MAD Aerospace Corp., he is responsible for establishing all contacts with potential Chinese investors or buyers seeking to purchase the airplane itself.

12F, Block C, Landmark Palace, no.36, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, CHINA

Asia Phone : +86 138 1041 0027

WeChat : Louis-Paul Brisebois

E-Mail : louispaul.brisebois@madaerospace.com

Mr. Louis-Paul Brisebois

Senior VP International Development

Mr. Louis-Paul Brisebois

Climb on board!

Join the team and help us build our company. MAD Aerospace is looking forward to establishing strong relationships with serious investors from around the globe.

Our company has a detailed, well-thought realistic business plan. Even if our project is long-termed, there is no gap in our planning and we have a clear vision of every steps of the project, all the way to the end.

With the older 1st generation general aviation aircrafts being progressively decommissioned and strong emerging-market demand, there is a definite need for an aircraft like the TWIN-X6. Potential investors will enjoy good long-term returns for the future, as our valuations will rise constantly over the next 10-20 years.

Accredited investors, contact us for more information on investment opportunities.

Company Informations

  • OFFICIAL LEGAL NAME : MAD Aerospace Corp.
  • OFFICIAL FRENCH NAME : MAD Aéronautique Inc.
  • LEGAL CONSTITUTION : Canadian Incorporation
  • TWIN-X6 US PATENT NUMBER : US 62/602,973