Free Conference at the Junto Meeting – Montreal

Conference at Junto Montreal Society

August 30th 2017, Notman House, Montreal

On August 30th 2017, at the Notman House in Montreal, MAD Aerospace Corp. presents how a "Design Thinking" methodology was used to create the unique Twin-X6 aircraft design. The presentation (in French) is made available online through live webcast on the Junto Montreal Society facebook page. To attend this free conference, please register using the link below.

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Design Thinking Applied to General Aviation

The Twin-X6 Aircraft

by  Mr. Antoine Moreau, M.Sc.

Montreal, August 30th 2017

Abstract of the presentation:

Our regional airfields are filled with small aircrafts such as Cessnas, Pipers and Beechcrafts, known as “General Aviation”. Since most of these aircrafts were designed and manufactured in the 60’s or 70’s, the general aviation fleet is aging up rapidly to eventually make place to a second generation of general aviation. In a near future, lighter materials, improved aerodynamics, modern engines and regulation changes will lead to novel aircraft designs that will outclass the previous generation in every aspect. As several new start-ups enter the market, a trend is clearly showing up: the future of general aviation will include “design”.

Until today, engineering has always governed the design of new aircrafts. But today’s clients want more than simply flying around; they want styling, prestige, luxury and comfort. Just as it is the case in the automobile industry, design will become a key factor to a successful aircraft, since it is a market demand that a 500 000 $ aircraft looks and feels at least as good as a luxury car.

But how do we integrate styling into the design of a machine that is already so constrained by engineering challenges? The presentation will explain how a “design thinking” approach was successfully used in the design of a new 6 seater twin engine amphibious aircraft: The Twin-X. Aspects such as aerodynamics, styling and user experience will be explained using the design of the Twin-X aircraft as a factual case study. The speaker will explain and discuss how design and engineering can be combined into creating the best of form and function while flying over all the aspects related to a real, novel aircraft design.

About the speaker:

Antoine Moreau, the CEO & co-founder of MAD Aerospace Corp., is an aircraft conceptual designer with over 15 years of experience; a former member of Bombardier Aerospace’s “Advanced Aerodynamics” and “Advanced Design” teams. Throughout his still young career, he participated in the design of 8 different novel aircraft projects. He also worked for Pratt & Whitney, GE Aviation and AeroNautic Development Corp. on the certification of the Seawind 300C aircraft. Mr. Moreau started his aerospace career at 17 as a simple aircraft manufacturing technician before heading for his engineering degree at ETS where he completed a Master’s degree in aerodynamics. He also has a Master’s degree in transport vehicle design from UQAM and he is a private pilot.