MAD Aerospace supports Aviation Connection educational program for students

Bringing aerospace passion to the high schools

November 29th 2017, Shefford, Canada

MAD Aerospace will sponsor the Aviation Connection, a charitable organization dedicated to promoting science and technology to high school students by way of teaching the fundamentals of aeronautics. The company will assist with the creation of detailed educational content for Aviation Connection's Aeronautical Training Program (ATP) focusing on aircraft design classes.

For more information on Aviation Connection and the ATP, please click the link below.

Aviation Connection ATP

Aviation Connection builds the dreams and fuels the passion that inspires the students to excel in school


Aviation Connection seeks, among other donations, any class of aircraft ranging from simple kit for amateur construction to multi engine aircraft. Aviation Connection works in partnership with public schools, municipalities, governments and aerospace industry partners to make a dream a reality: Build a plane and FLY ! Aviation Connection coordinates and supervises all programs from beginning to end.


Aviation Connection is a charitable organization that offers an Aeronautical Training Program (ATP) to High School students designed to introduce them to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The program is developed around the restoration of a donated Piper PA-16 aircraft and the design and construction of a radio-controlled model airplane. This innovative program offers High Schools students the unique opportunity to apply theoretical concepts presented in class while participating in the construction of an aircraft.


Link: http://aviationconnection.org/